Stable isotope database

Dear colleagues,

Thanks for all the constructive feedback, I had after the session. I really appreciate that.
I am collecting d13c data, earlier than 5000BP. First and foremost, the focus lies on humans (Homo Sapiens and Homo Neanderthalensis) and dogs (Canis Familiaris).
Information of that kind, is very welcome.

I am importing the data to ArcGIS. So I will need coordinates as well. If possible, I would appreciate it. Easiest way to obtain these, if not already known, is by pinpointing the approximate location on Google Earth.

I am in need, of the following data (1. = mandatory, 2. = still mandatory, but to a lesser degree):


Country, Site name, Cultural epoch, UTM coordinates, Age (e.g. child, juvenile, adult), Specie, 14C age BP, ?13C, Literature (only if published. If not, senders name will figure in the database, as the provider of the information)


Topography (marine/terrestial/freshwater), Museum ID, 14C lab. no. (e.g. OxA-XXXXX), Gender (female, male), Anatomical part, 14C age BC, ?15N, Ultra filtering, Collagen %, C%, N%, C:N

Progress so far:

Thanks a lot

Theis Zetner Trolle Jensen

University of Copenhagen
theistrollejensen [at]

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