Working Groups

SPLASHCOS has four Working Groups, comprising members of the Management Committee, additional members recruited for particular tasks, and a Chairperson. The primary tasks are the compilation of data or sources of data on key topics, and dissemination of the results in the form of publications, reports or other media. The main goals of each WG are listed below.

The main chronological focus is the period from the Last Glacial Maximum to the establishment of modern sea level, though not excluding data from other periods. The geographical scope is pan-European.

We are always interested in recruiting new members. If you think you can contribute to any of the Working Groups with information or in other ways, please contact us using the main contact page, with the name of the Working Group in the subject field

Working Group 1: Archaeological Data and Interpretations

Chair: Anders Fischer

  1. Create a pan-European digital archive on submerged finds and sites
  2. Produce an archive of literature references on submerged prehistory

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Working Group 2: Environmental Data and Reconstructions

Chair: Jan Harff

  1. Assemble data, or sources of data, on sea-level change, palaeoclimate, bathymetry, and related variables
  2. Assess issues of site preservation and taphonomy

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Working Group 3: Technology, Technical Resources and Training

Chairs: Ole Grøn, Tine Missiaen

  1. Identify centres of expertise, laboratories, equipment, technical support and training facilities
  2. Facilitate inter-institutional, interdisciplinary and international collaboration

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Working Group 4: Commercial Collaboration and Outreach

Chair: Julie Satchell

  1. Explore and encourage collaboration with commercial and industrial organisations
  2. Develop outreach activities to a wider audience

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