N.B. Formal membership of the Action is now closed, but the membership of the Action continues to be active in follow-up activities including publication, and new research through national and international networks. For further information contact the Action Chair or a Management Committee member in the appropriate country.

We are keen to attract participation by researchers who have relevant knowledge and expertise in coastal regions not so far represented in our membership, and who are willing to contribute time and ideas to any of the Working Groups. We are particularly keen to encourage participation by Early Stage Researchers (those who are carrying out postgraduate studies or who are within 8 years of receiving their Postgraduate degree).

However, there are also limits to the numbers of established researchers who can take part as official members, because of COST rules, because Working Groups have to remain relatively small to be effective in meeting the objectives of the Action, and because of the limited budget to pay for members' expenditure to attend meetings. Most of the meetings so far have been restricted in this way, but we expect to hold larger meetings open to a wider audience later on in the Action. We are also looking at ways of extending communication to the wider research community, either through national meetings for those member States, such as the UK, which have large numbers of researchers interested in submerged landscapes, or through more informal connections.

COST Member States are automatically eligible to join and each can nominate two members of the Management Committee. Additional researchers can join Working Groups, subject to approval by the Management Committee. If you are interested in this, you should contact one of your national representatives on the Management Committee in the first instance.

If you are in a COST Member State not yet represented, i.e. in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Cyprus, Finland, Slovenia, or Turkey, you should contact your Cost National Coordinator, who will need to seek formal approval. You should also let us know about your interest.

Researchers from ‘near neighbour countries’, i.e. all the non-COST countries bordering the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, are also eligible to join. Contact us directly through this website or through the Chairman or other members of the Management Committee.

COST also has reciprocal agreements with researchers in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Further information can be found on the COST website.