Lost Frontiers and Drowned Landscapes in Britain and Beyond

This two-day meeting hosted by the Society of Antiquaries of London will take place on 6th and 7th May 2021. Details are available on the Society of Antiquaries website

Exploration of the inundated prehistoric landscapes on our coastal shelves is one of the great challenges remaining to archaeology. In Britain and North West Europe over the last two decades, the results of dedicated research projects, commercial work carried out in preparation for marine infrastructure, and community archaeology programmes have transformed our understanding. The convenors of this two-day meeting are Geoff Bailey and Vince Gaffney, and the Society of Antiquaries and the ERC-funded research project “Europe’s Lost Frontiers” are co-hosting the meeting as an online video-conference to bring researchers together to present the results of new research. Day 1 (Thursday 6 May) will be dedicated to the results of the Europe’s Lost Frontiers project. Day 2 (Friday 7 May) will bring together other researchers, focussing on the British Isles and the North Sea but including new research elsewhere.

The meeting will be recorded and will be available on YouTube after the event by visiting the Society of Antiquaries events page