Final SPLASHCOS Publications

Two volumes have now been published on the archaeological work arising from the SPLASHCOS initiative: The Archaeology of Europe's Drowned Landscapes, published by Springer as an open access volume, and Oceans of Archaeology, published by the Jutland Archaeological Society.

Oceans of Archaeology, published in 2018, and edited by Anders Fischer and Lisbeth Pedersen, is aimed at a general and non-specialist audience.

The Archaeology of Europe's Drowned Landscapes, published in 2020, is edited by Geoff Bailey, Nena Galanidou, Hans Peeters, Hauke Joens and Moritz Mennenga and is a full presentation and evaluation aimed primarily at a scientific and specialist audience but also to a wider audience interested in sea-level change and its human impact. This volume is intended as a complement to the earlier SPLASHCOS volume published by Wiley-Blackwell in 2017 on the Submerged Landscapes of the European Continental Shelf: Quaternary Paleoenvironments, edited by Nicholas Flemming, Jan Harff, Delminda Moura, Anthony Burgess and Geoff Bailey. It is also intended as a complement to the interactive database of underwater finds – the SPLASHCOS Viewer – available at, and provides a full description of the rationale for the Viewer, the categories of information included, and the underlying metadata.

These volumes now bring to completion the work initiated by COST Action TD0902, and new underwater research inspired by the SPLASHCOS initiative is now being carried forward in Europe and in many other parts of the world.