€4.3 Million of New Funding for Submerged Landscape Research in the North Sea

Two major grants involving SPLASHCOS members have recently been awarded for new research. Prof. Vince Gaffney, University of Bradford, has won €2.5 million as an ERC Advanced Grant to lead a 5-year project, Europe’s Lost Frontiers: Exploring Climate Change, Settlement and Colonisation of the Submerged Landscapes of the North Sea Basin using Ancient DNA, Seismic Mapping and Complex Systems Modelling. For further details click here.

Prof. Dr. Hauke Joens reports that the Lower Saxony Institute for Historical Coastal Research, has won €1.8 million from the Lower Saxony Ministry of Science and Culture and the Volkswagen Foundation to lead a 4-year project on The Wadden Sea as an Archive of Landscape Evolution, Climate Change and Settlement History: Exploration – Analysis – Predictive Modelling. For further details click here

Both projects are multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional and will deploy a range of technologies in remote sensing, coring and sediment analysis to chart the impact of sea-level change on the now-submerged landscape and to model human reactions to it in different sectors of the southern North Sea.