SPLASHCOS York Meeting, March 2010

10th March 2010 to 11th March 2010

Details: Programme | Attendance

The first full meeting of the SPLASHCOS membership was held in March at the University of York, UK.

This occasion provided an opportunity to combine a meeting of the Management Committee with meetings of the Working Groups, a think-tank of Early Stage Researchers, and a plenary session in which members from each of the participating States and invited experts gave an overview of the current state of knowledge and issues relating to the submerged landscape in their region.

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  1. SPLASHCOS Introduction
    Geoff Bailey
  2. Overview of: (a) UK research, and (b) the “Deukalion” planning group
    Nic Flemming
  3. Marine archaeological research in Belgium
    T. Missiaen, M. De Batist & Ph. Crombé
  4. Submerged Prehistory in Denmark
    Anders Fischer
  5. The Mesolithic in a Submerged Lake off Langeland, Denmark. High-resolution penetration seismics used in underwater archaeology
    Ole Grøn
  6. Landscape and settlement of the Continental Shelf in a Norwegian perspective
    Håkon Glørstad & Jostein Gundersen
  7. North Sea Prehistory Research and Management Framework and Activities on the Dutch Continental Shelf
    Hans Peeters
  8. Interdisciplinary investigations of submerged Holocene landscapes: general concepts and results from the Baltic
    Jan Harff & Friedrich Lüth
  9. Underwater research in Poland
    G. Miotk-Szpiganowicz, I. Pomian, Sz. Uscinowicz, M. Was & A. Witkowski
  10. Stone Age archaeology below sea level in Lithuania: on the shelf & at the coast
    Vladas Žulkus & Gytis Piličiauskas
  11. Latvia’s former coastlines: the state of research on palaeolandscapes and Stone Age archaeology
    Laimdota Kalniņa & Valdis Bērziņš
  12. Submerged Stone Age settlements in Estonia and sea level changes in the Baltic Basin
    Alar Rosentau & Aivar Kriiska
  13. Cultural Heritage and Underwater Research in Romania
    Glicherie Caraivan & Dragos Ene
  14. The marine cultural heritage of Israel - nature and management of an endangered resource
    Galili E. A. Ronen & D. Zviely
  15. Underwater landscape research in Greece and the Aegean: the current state of knowledge
    Dimitris Sakellariou & Katerina Dellaporta
  16. Submerged prehistoric landscapes in Croatia - an overview
    Irena Radic Rossi
  17. Archaeological and geophysical approaches to underwater research in Spain
    Pablo Arias & Miquel Canals